Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year's Reading Challenges

So you like to read...maybe you're looking for new titles...have you ever considered a reading challenge? There are many blogs and websites out there that sponsor reading challenges--read a certain number of books in a set amount of time. The challenge could be reading 3 science books in 6 months; reading only Canadian authors; reading 12 books in a year. Here are some of our favorites:

Science Book Challenge: Read a book for science literacy!

Audiobook Reading Challenge: Are you curious (3 books), fascinated (6), or addicted (12)?

A Tournament of Reading: Read medieval history, medieval literature, or historical fiction.

Our Mutual Read: A Victorian reading challenge.

An Adventure in Reading (blog): Sidebar links to numerous 2010 Challenges, including (so far) Orange January, Aussie Author Challenge, Complete Booker Challenge.

A Novel Challenge (blog): The place to find your next challenge!


smzabq said...

An overwhelming variety of challenges are available! The links go on and on...
Seems to me that in order to fully participate, "a blog of one's own" is required (pun intended).

smzabq said...

This post truly inspired me! Besides 10 in '10 Challenge, I signed myself up for Audio Books Challenge, Historical Fiction Challenge, and 1st-in-Series Challenge. I created a blog for the first time, to keep track of my challenges. I write my challenge book reviews at Shelfari ( and link to my shelfari reviews on the challenge pages. Where shall we post our reviews for the 10 in '10 Challenge?