Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Girl Who: The Millennium Trilogy on abcreads book banter

First off, the news: according to the L.A. Times, Stieg Larsson's father & brother will be on CBS Sunday Morning (tomorrow!) to talk about Millennium Book #4! Don't miss it!

But back to our book banter forums. We have a new section called "The Millennium Trilogy" for you to write about all things Stieg Larsson-the books; the movies; the new biography of Larsson, The Man Who Left Too Soon; Reg Keeland of Albuquerque, Stieg Larsson's English translator; the author himself; the tour of Salander's Sweden; Larsson's disputed legacy... Love the books? Hate the books? Let us know your opinions on our forums! Here are some articles to give you something to talk about (may contain spoilers):

The Girl Who Read Enough of Stieg Larsson

The Stieg Larsson Phenomenon

The Original Stieg Larsson

Göran Lindberg and Sweden's dark side

The World of Millennium (includes a plug from the 2010 Nobel Prize Winner for Literature!)

"The Author Who Played With Fire" by Christopher Hitchens

"Stieg Larsson’s Heir? Camilla Läckberg"

Stieg Larsson's biographer Barry Forshaw explains what makes the Millennium Trilogy such a worldwide phenomenon:


J'Andrea said...

In the video, Forshaw says Larsson's prose is he referring to how it reads translated or can he read it in the original Swedish? I haven't read the books myself yet, just watched the first movie.

Susan said...

I listened to the first two books, spoken in English, and would never choose "clunky" to describe the writing style. I'd say the style is elegant and engaging.

I'm still enjoying (for the second weekend) the wealth of articles available from the posted links. How lucky we are to have savvy librarians sift through voluminous Google hits and give us "the good stuff"!