Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Surface Tension by Christine Kling

For our first book review in the Oceans 11 reading challenge, here's a few words from library patron & friend of abcreads Susan:

This exciting story starts with a Mayday call, and the action never lets up. Seychelle Sullivan owns and operates a salvage boat she inherited from her father. She lives in a bungalow on Fort Lauderdale's New River, and works on Florida's Intracoastal Waterway. When Seychelle hears a Mayday over the radio, she races to beat her competitors to rescue the multimillion-dollar yacht Top Ten, captained by her ex-lover Neal. Seychelle finds a dead body on the boat, no sign of Neal. Florida police prefer to pin the murder on Seychelle rather than figure out what really happened, while thugs from the criminal underworld assume she is hiding Neal, and try to intimidate her into revealing Neal's location. Seychelle's brother, co-owner of the boat, wants her to sell it to redeem his debts, so he sabotages her business. Seychelle is warned by many to stop investigating the murder, and her friends are endangered. She must avoid the police, who want to arrest her, as well as the criminals who want to kill her, to solve the mystery. Seychelle is a likable protagonist with a refreshingly different occupation for an amateur sleuth.

Surface Tension is the first book of Seychelle Sullivan mystery series.

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