Saturday, August 20, 2011

Unusual Things You Can Check Out At The Library

Most people think of books when they think of a library, but you would be surprised to know that libraries also circulate non-traditional items. These days most libraries offer non-book items such as ebooks, databases, music records and CDs, films on DVDs and video tapes, laptops and tablets, however, some libraries go beyond these typical offerings.

At the Yale University Lillian Goldman Law Library, patrons can check out a dog named Monty. This cute cuddly therapy dog is available for 30 minute intervals.

Residents of Berkeley, California can check out tools from the Tool Lending Library. Available items include ladders, cement mixers, power saws, and drill presses.

For patrons with green thumbs, residents in Richmond, California can enjoy visiting the Richmond Grows Seed Lending Library. Patrons can bring in and borrow seeds from the library.

The Toronto Public Library hosts a human library program where patrons can check out human books to learn about diverse life stories. Other human libraries events can be located at the

Finally at our very own Albuquerque / Bernalillo County Libraries, energy conscious patrons can check out a Kill A Watt energy measuring device that will help users determine which devices are using too much energy.

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