Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Crossing Places by Elly Griffiths

For our next book review in the Oceans 11 reading challenge, here's a few words from library patron & friend of abcreads Susan:

First of a new series starring forensic archaeologist Doctor Ruth Galloway, The Crossing Places is infused with the haunting atmosphere of the Saltmarsh, a landscape at the edge of the sea that is half land, half water, and continually shifts with the tides, where Iron Age prehistoric inhabitants constructed a sacred henge circle.

Ruth makes her home in a cottage at the edge of the lonely and elemental Saltmarsh, and teaches at nearby University of North Norfolk. She enjoys her solitude and the companionship of her cats. Ten years ago she participated in the archaeological dig that discovered the Saltmarsh henge circle. That magical summer of discovery remains a favorite memory, and the friends from that time are still part of her life.

Detective Harry Nelson is haunted by a missing-child case ten years ago. When a child's body is discovered in the Saltmarsh, he wonders if it could be from his old case. He enlists Dr. Galloway's professional assistance as a bone specialist. She dates the bones as Iron Age, 2 thousand years old, and suspects the body has a significant connection with the Henge Circle across the tidal marshlands.

When a second child goes missing, Nelson asks for Ruth's help interpreting clues from the original case. Ruth sees archeaological ties to key people from her special Henge Circle discovery summer. Then Ruth herself is endangered; to survive she must help Nelson identify the killer.

Ruth is a spunky independent protagonist with a common-sense approach. Her kind heart does not prevent her intellect from unraveling the clues, even when they reveal betrayal by her trusted and loved friends. I look forward to continuing the series.

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