Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Dead Cat Bounce by Sarah Graves

For our next book review in the Oceans 11 reading challenge, here's a few words from library patron & friend of abcreads Susan:

"Dead cat bounce": stock market jargon for a small temporary rise in a stock's trading price, after a sharp drop.

The Dead Cat Bounce is the first installment of the Home Repair is Homicide series, set in Eastport Maine, the easternmost US city, in the modern day. Jacobia "Jake" Tiptree has traded her fast-track life as an investment analyst for 'fat cats' including high-level mobsters, and escaped her marriage with an egotistic, narcissistic brain surgeon, for a more peaceful life in Maine with her son Sam. Returning from a business trip, she found and impulsively purchased a 200-year-old home, which requires endless repair. She has a new and rewarding relationship with Wade, a boat pilot, and a new best friend Ellie, a calm and steady "down easter" (lifetime local). When a shady millionaire with local roots is murdered, and her best friend Ellie confesses to the murder but asks Jacobia to investigate, of course she must. What she doesn't expect are the threats followed by serious attempts on her life and her son Sam's, including burning her house. Complicating matters further is the unexpected appearance of her ex-husband the brain surgeon with his latest young girlfriend, in his latest attempt to dictate their son's life. Jacobia prevails due to her loyalty and integrity. Look forward to many more in this series.

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