Tuesday, February 28, 2012

In Sickness, and in Health

If you're like me, you are currently sick with that cold going around, getting over that cold going around, or about to catch that cold going around.  Despite the warmer weather, I've been hearing lots of sniffles, sneezes and coughs around the library. 

If you are more eager to read about colds, viruses, and other ailments than to have one, we have a book for you.  Try a book about a specific disease, the history of medicine, or a famous epidemic.  Also available are guides in diagnosing your illness and how to treat what you've got.

Ah-choo!: the Uncommon Life of your Common Cold by Jennifer Ackerman
Complete Guide to Symptoms, Illness & Surgery by H. Winter Griffith
The Johns Hopkins Complete Home Guide to Symptoms & Remedies
The Greatest Benefit to Mankind: a Medical History of Humanity by Roy Porter
Happy Accidents: Serendipity in Modern Medical Breakthroughs by Morton Meyers
The Cambridge Illustrated History of Medicine edited by Roy Porter
The Great Influenza: the Epic Story of the Deadliest Plague in History by John M. Barry
Plague: the Mysterious Past and Terrifying Future of the World's Most Dangerous Disease by Wendy Orent
Living with Chronic Sinusitis: the Domplete Health Guide to Preventing and Treating Colds, Nasal Allergies, Rhinitis and Sinusitis by David W. Kennedy and Marilyn Olsen

If you are sick, want to find out more information about a health condition, or want to convince youself that you have a rare, incurable disease, try using one of our health and medical databases.   Some of these resources require a valid library card number and PIN to access.

Consumer Health Complete: A reliable, user-friendly resource featuring medical, health and wellness articles, guides, videos, reports, fact sheets and more.  Available in many languages.

Medline Plus: a service of the National Institutes of Health, produced by the National Library of Medicine.  Timely and authoritative health and medical information presented with the needs of patients and their community of family and friends in mind.

WebMD: A dynamic, interactive consumer health site bringing together health guides, news and communities.

Health Reference Center Academic: A full-text database featuring articles and reference resources for consumer health researchers, students and medical professionals.

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