Monday, May 27, 2013

Summer Reading: Can You Dig It?

The reviews are in!

Biggest summer sensation since "Dream Big, Read!" 

The talk of Albuquerque libraries!

Amazing sights to be seen!
Delightful sounds to be heard!
A good time to be had by all!

What is it, you ask?  It's Summer Reading 2013! Here's a little ditty we've composed to give you an idea of this summer's infotainment:

This summer Dig into Reading's the theme
As the good times unfold, your happiness will be extreme!
But lest you think you've heard it all before,
Here's a sampling of some of the treats in store!
Kids will find there's nothing tragic
About John Polinko's magic.
They'll find it easy to get into the mood
With the music of Ticklefish Dude.
There will be fun without end
With Wings of Enchantment's Lepidoptera friends.
At East Mountain you can try Cave Painting with Dirt,
At Lomas Tramway we promise Miss Cheryl's Stomp, Stomp Roar! won't hurt.
The Recycle Man will be stopping by
Also Sean Etigson, Indiana Bones, and Loren Kahn's puppets, oh my!
Teens can make sushi charms
And use zombie make-up on their arms.
There will be recycle bracelets to make and upcycle collage,
Wire wrapped words and Mod Podge Decoupage!
Grownups, we haven't forgotten fun stuff for you
There are concerts with Ian Cooke, Tortilla Junction, The Casualz too!
There will be prizes of all sizes for all ages
All you have to do is read a few pages!
Your picture could even be on our website, if you are a sport
Just visit all the libraries in the city with your Library Passport!
This is only a bit of what's in store for those who enroll -
Lest you think that I'm exaggerating the pleasures I extol
Just visit our home page,, for a full program listing
Or stop by your local branch, and tell them you need assisting.

As always, ABC Library thanks its Summer Reading partners.

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