Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Poetry Mavens Wanted!

Did you know there are now two poetry discussion groups in your library system? Today we inaugurated the Two Poets program at the Lomas Tramway Library, reading poems by Emily Dickinson & Robinson Jeffers. There is also the Cherry Hills Library Poetry Circle, which just celebrated its first anniversary this summer. Both groups meet quarterly--look for another Two Poets program in January (perhaps discussing Walt Whitman & another poet) & another Poetry Circle in February (mostly likely discussing Robert Lowell & Elizabeth Bishop).

When we first started meeting to discuss poetry, I never thought we could actually fill the whole hour and a half allotted. But we consistently do spent the whole session talking, comparing & contrasting two poems by two different poets. Membership has fluctuated--seems like we meet new people each time--but the discussion has always been interesting & insightful. If you are a poetry lover, please consider joining us for one or both of these groups. All are welcome to attend!

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