Thursday, October 29, 2009

Putting on quite a display

Believe it or not, sometimes, people don't know what they want to check out when they come to the library.

To help with this knotty problem, every month we offer new displays on different topics, with books set out for easy browsing. At Cherry Hills, our Duchess of Displays (also, your most prolific blogmistress) sets up one large adult display and several smaller once. For October, the large display has featured books that you might like to read in a book group... and highlighted our collection of downloadable books.

The smaller displays, set up in cubes toward the front of the library, might feature anything, from marathon running to jazz music to Eleanor Roosevelt. There's also a rotating display of mysteries, to meet the tastes of any of Cherry Hills' many mystery fans (if you're one of them, you might like our Mystery Book Group!). Just look for the little cubes with the small signs, like this:

Your friendly neighborhood children's librarian (aka, me) doesn't like to see her clientele go without displays, so each month, there is a large display in the children's area, sometimes attached to a monthly event, like Hispanic Heritage Month (right), and sometimes just pulled from thin air, like a popular geography display.

And why ignore the teens? They might want to know what to read next as well. So in the teen area, we set up displays for back to school, or displays of action/survival books, or, as this month, displays related to events like Teen Read Week, this year with the theme "Read Beyond Reality."

So come on in and check them out... you might find something you never knew existed!

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