Saturday, November 7, 2009

Museum of Modern Art

Today is the 80th birthday of one of the country's most famous museums, the Museum of Modern Art or MOMA as it is sometimes abbreviated. Opened on November 7th, 1929, just nine days after the stock market crash, it is located at 11 West 53rd Street in New York City and has become a treasured stop for artists and non-artists alike when visiting the Big Apple. It is one of the biggest depositories of contemporary and modern art in the world with well over 300,000 items. There are several books in the library catalogue that MOMA has published through the years and are available for checkout. Some of the more interesting titles are an exhibition of work by Alberto Giacometti, a work on still life called "Objects of Desire: The Modern Still Life" by Margit Rowell and a work on the exhibition of Latin American artists titled
"Latin American Artists of the Twentieth Century" from 1993. The catalogue also has DVD's on modern art such as: "The Impressionists" by A&E Television and "The Life and Times of Frida Kahlo" narrated by Rita Moreno. It is a true testament of art lovers around the country that MOMA survived the depression of the 1930's and is today one of the premier art museums in the world.

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