Wednesday, June 30, 2010

All's Fair in Love & War

In honor of the anniversary of the publication of Margaret Mitchell's historical fiction Gone with the Wind on June 30, 1936, we'd like to offer up our own list of 'Masters of the Past'. From books based 35,000 years ago to multi-generational sagas, this list has it all! Expanded from articles in Bookmarks magazine.

Or, for some campy fun, consider reading the sequels, making-of books, the screenplay, & related titles that come up in our library catalog! (Note: the catalog search linked to this post is a keyword search of 'Gone with the Wind'. Some titles listed may only be included because title or description may contain those keywords, though the items themselves have nothing to do with Margaret Mitchell's book.) Also recommended: The Wind Done Gone by Alice Randall-"Think of Margaret Mitchell's epic Gone with the Wind condensed and told from the perspectives of Mammy and the Tara slaves," Library Journal says.

We were in Atlanta in the '90s and visited the Margaret Mitchell home. If you're in the area, it's worth a look-see! Apparently there is also a Gone with the Wind museum in Marietta called Scarlett on the Square.

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