Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy Anniversary, abcreads!

abcreads turns one today (not counting its brief tenure as the Magical Summer reading group blog)! We are celebrating with not one but 3 prize drawings!
The rules are simple: we ask a question, you post an answer. The first person to post a response wins a fabulous prize (a mug or a bag). Only one prize per reader, but you are welcome to respond all three questions.

The first question:

Who is your favorite author?


Kim said...

So hard to pick just one but for this week, my favorite is Bill Bryson

abcreads said...

Thanks for checking in with us, Kim! We are happy to announce that you are the first winner of a bag or mug (your choice). Please call us at 857-8321 or email us at to make arrangements to pick up your prize.

Kim said...

Thanks for the prize! Unfortunately, I'm homebound at the moment so I'll step aside and the next commentator can get take prize instead :)

abcreads said...

You sure? We could send it to you!

smzabq said...

Who is my favorite author?
That is a tough question!
I have many favorites...among them:
Jacqueline Winspear
Michael Connelly
John Sandford
Elizabeth George
Sue Henry

Kim said...

Thanks abcreads but I'm sure, the next lucky commentator can be the winner. Keep up the great job with the blog!!