Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy Anniversary, abcreads!

abcreads turns one today (not counting its brief tenure as the Magical Summer reading group blog)! We are celebrating with not one but 3 prize drawings!

The rules are simple: we ask a question, you post an answer. The first person to post a response wins a fabulous prize (a mug or a bag). Only one prize per reader, but you are welcome to respond all three questions.

The third question:

What would you like to see written about on abcreads?

Thanks for taking part in abcreads' anniversary celebration! Keep reading & recommend us to your friends!


Kim said...

I would like to see a book of the month recommended and know why it is recommended that people should read it.

J'Andrea said...

I enjoyed the book discussions over the summer, I only had time to read one of the books but it was still fun. A book of the month discussion like that would be neat :)

abcreads said...

J'Andrea, you are our winner!

smzabq said...

I enjoy the wide variety of topics covered on abcreads: please continue this interesting blog. What a delightful luxury it is, to have our librarians research a topic and provide us links to explore. Thanks very much for your imagination and creativity!