Wednesday, December 29, 2010

10 in '10-Reading New Mexico

Elsie Karr Kreischer We've saved the best for almost last! Elsie has been a longtime friend & customer of Cherry Hills Library & we're delighted to review two of her children's books. Read more about Elsie here.

Bigger than a Button This picture book is a poem about love. The illustrations show a family-parents & children-gathered together. The charming text begins by telling readers "I have something to give you/It is bigger than a button/But it is something you can't see." This is a good read for very young children-not many words, but very gentle & evocative. Maria Montoya Martinez: Master Potter For upper-elementary (& above!) readers interested in the life of the potter, this is a great book-Elsie's most renowned title! Elsie was a personal friend of Maria Montoya Martinez & she ably chronicles the potter's life from her early battle with smallpox aged 10 through her journey to becoming a master potter-first falling in love with throwing pots & then developing her technique. Maria Montoya Martinez is famous for accidentally recreating the black-on-black pottery style that had been used by Pueblo artists during the Neolithic period.

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