Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Albuquerque Comic Con

"Albuquerque Comic Con 2011 was an amazing success and a testament to the amazing people of New Mexico. Every celebrity guest that attended said that it was you, the people and fans of this event that made this one of the most memorable experiences of their convention lives. With over 10,000 of you passing through the doors for the 2 day event, we met so many great friends and can't wait to start planning 2012. ACC will begin selling tickets to our 2012 event as well as booth spaces to all of you vendors who enjoyed your time with us. Guest list is currently in the works. Any thoughts on who you would like to see? Let us know."
~from the website

Science fiction & fantasy & comic fans, keep an eye out for this fun event next year! Events at this year's ACC, which took place January 15th & 16th, included: Star Wars Costuming and Armor Building with 501st Dewback Legion; Self Publishing 7000 BC and others; Mixed Martial Arts with Herb Dean and Michael Westbrook; & a film festival. Special guests included Gil Gerard, Erin Gray, Peter Mayhew, & Lou Ferrigno.

One of our library staff members attended the wildly successful Albuquerque Comic Con & brought back these pictures!

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J'Andrea said...

It was pretty amazing. Someone told me that next year they are planning on having it at the ABQ convention center so it won't be so cramped.