Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Library Tour: Lomas Tramway Branch

The library's official banner, created by former volunteer Ken Dobies.

Lomas Tramway Library is located at 908 Eastridge NE, on the southwest corner of Lomas Boulevard and Tramway Boulevard, but there is no access from Tramway. The parking lot entrance is on Eastridge Drive, which runs parallel to Tramway. For directions by car or bus, visit the ABC Libraries' website. The library has 16 public computers including 3 express. Lomas Tramway also offers many of the standard amenities of the ABC Libraries' branches: fax service; voter registration forms, None for the Road DVDs, & bus schedules are all available, & the branch has a magazine swap & Fiction to Go. This branch has a community room for public use but does not have study rooms.

Bottom row of photos is by former Lomas Tramway volunteer Ken Dobies.

Lomas Tramway reopened last year after a lot of remodeling & inside you'll find a very welcoming atmosphere! They have kept the big window, facing the Sandias across Tramway, but many other areas have changed a bit-really opening up the space, in my opinion. There is a lot of comfy seating, tables to spread out on, & spectacular lighting.

I like the children's & young adult sections at this branch. Both have cool chairs & the children's section has that great entry arch & displays of artifacts from around the world, supplied by staff!

Alligator Vase photo is by Ken Dobies.

Lomas Tramway branch also has several art pieces on display. Amuse yourself by tracking down all six!  They are: The Mall by Enrique Montenegro (in the lobby); Dendrite Fusion by Xuan Chen (above library card desk); Sandia Sunset by Robert Hooten (by the newspapers); Velocipede by Robert Hooten (by periodicals); Sa Sara by Yulia Pinkusevich; & Alligator Vase by Tom Waldman (by the outdoor entry). Also look for the sculpture La Blessure by Collette Perazio-Itkin (on one of the outdoor patios) & the photographs of James Dietsch from his "Light in Albuquerque" series (above the computers).

"O, say can you see, where the prairie dogs roam,
Is the Czech Out Republic of Lomapalooza!
You can read to a dog, search online for a job.
The books are all free, so what can you lose-a?
There's a wonderful view! Staff who love helping you!
Since this time last year, all our walls look brand new!
O! Say, will you join us for Summer Reading here
We have prizes to give out, not again till next year!"
~Robert William Stewart Rogers, former Lomas Tramway employee
(sing to the tune of "The Star Spangled Banner")

This Summer Reading theme, "One World, Many Stories/Un Mundo, Muchas Historias", has been a lot of fun for me.  I think each library turning itself into a country for the program has been a fabulous idea & I have really enjoyed being able to see what each library has made its theme.  So my hat's definitely off to the Lomas Tramway staff for creating "The Czech Out Republic of Lomapalooza", complete with flag, anthem, & mascots.  You can even read a story about Lomapalooza's mascots, Clementine & Wilson, on the library's website!

Also on the Lomas Tramway website, you can see all the programs that are happening at the branch!   For kids, Natalee Roe's storytime is July 14th & Balinese Dance with Sari Megumi will be on July 21st! There will be T-Shirt Stencilling for teens aged 12-18 on July 14th! A Family Movie on July 23rd! Lomas Tramway has a book discussion group for adults, monthly Read to the Dogs, the Two Poets discussion group, & more!  Their Program & Events page has a full listing.

Have I tempted you into taking a trip to Lomas Tramway?  I hope so.  Besides a trip to the library, there is so much to do in the area: the Sandia Peak Tramway; hiking & biking trails; Chelwood Park; & another small park next to the library with a play area, climbing wall, & volleyball court.  To feed your stomach as well as your mind, check out Weck's or the Owl Cafe (both nearby).

Just to show you how popular libraries are lately, the picture on the left above is Lomas Tramway's parking lot at 9 a.m. & the picture on the right is the same parking lot at 10 a.m., when the library opens.  There are always people waiting to get in first thing!

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