Thursday, July 21, 2011

Literary Links

Beverly Cleary at 95: A Talk With the Author Who Created Ramona Quimby

The 10 best literary picnics
Read about the best fictional picnics from Picnic at Hanging Rock to The Wind in the Willows!
George R. R. Martin: The wildly popular fantasist on three science fiction mainstays
George R.R. Martin answers your questions
Literary Games for Bored Book Nerds
From the Bartlett's quotations game to a Chaucer-inspired board game.  Note: some of these games involve drinking some cocktails, so these games are mostly for bored adult book nerds.
Tina Fey's rules of improv will make your book club better
Christian marketplace bestsellers
Roald Dahl stories to be on millions of cereal boxes
The Great Readalike. If You Like This…You’ll LOVE That! (podcast)
"Ranging from Scandanavian noir and vampires, to paranormal science fiction and tea party-versus Obama-party political discourse, hear from a panel of librarians who will tell you what books you’ll love, based on what you already like!"

Romance Books We Love
Laugh Yourself Cool: 5 Funny Books To Beat The Heat

Locus Awards: Winners
Rita & Golden Heart Awards: Winners
Macavity Awards: Nominees
Thriller Award: Nominees

Thanks, in large part, to The Reader's Advisor Online Blog for these links!

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