Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Erna & Ernie on Facebook!

One of the reasons the ABC Library exists is that we have always had support from members of our community. The recent reopening of the Special Collections Library was an opportunity for us to reflect on that support and to think about some of the key people in the history of Albuquerque’s public libraries.

Travel writer Erna Fergusson and war correspondent Ernie Pyle come to mind immediately. They were so important we even named libraries after them. Fifty and sixty years after the fact, their lives and their writings are just as compelling as ever. While we have many books by and about Ernie Pyle and Erna Fergusson in our collection, we wanted to do something more.

A recent article in American Libraries about using Facebook pages to connect University of Nevada Reno students with alumni who were important to the school’s history and tradition inspired us. We created our Facebook pages for Erna Fergusson and Ernie Pyle as a way for us to introduce new generations to old friends and benefactors. We’ll be creating a page for Clyde Tingley, the great Albuquerque Mayor who was never actually elected mayor. It’s a long story, and a library is about the only thing in Albuquerque that was never named after him.

So visit Erna and Ernie on Facebook. Keep an eye out for Clyde. There’s a lot to like and a lot to learn. We’ll be happy to help you find out more!


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