Thursday, November 1, 2012

Featured Author: Christina Skye

Christina Skye is a romance writer who began writing Regency romances in the 1990s but in the Noughties transitioned to contemporary fiction.  She is probably best known for her Code Name series, but she also has a passion for knitting which has led her to collaborate with Debbie Macomber, and she also has a Chinese connection, since she has a doctorate in Chinese language and literature. Her interest in China led Skye to work in cultural and translation positions at various corporations in China during the 1980s, and when she returned to the U.S. she wrote 5 books about Chinese art and culture, in addition to working as a consultant for the National Geographic Society and the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.  All this and novels too!  Here's a roundup of some of her works in the library catalog:

The Code Name series

A sequence of romantic thrillers that includes Code Names Nanny, Princess, Baby, Blondie, & Bikini.  Each book features a different heroine (from dog trainers to pastry chefs and then some) and the locales range from desert islands and cruise ships to Los Alamos, but  the heroine is always romantically entangled with a Navy SEAL.  Fictionwise says "Christina Skye's Code Name books deliver fast-paced thrills with sizzling romance."
The Draycott Abbey series
Another series which features a variety of protagonists linked by Draycott Abbey, a beautiful English abbey.  Treachery, ghosts, stories set in the age of chivalry featuring knights and ladies, ex-Royal Marines, and mysteries around every'll find it all at Draycott Abbey!  To Catch a Thief is just one book in this long-running series.
The Knitting Diaries
Macomber, Mallery, & Skye each contributed a story to this uplifting anthology. Her story, "Return to Summer Island", inspired Skye to begin her next series!  Knitting patterns are included! 

The Summer Island series

Christina Skye has written two books so far in this series, A Home By the Sea and The Accidental Bride.  Skye has said she loves her new series because of the "wonderful opportunities to revisit continuing characters and explore the powerful bonds of friendship."   Read more about Skye and the Summer Island series in Booklist magazine's article "Story Behind the Story: Christina Skye's The Accidental Bride".

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