Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Featured Author: Lindsey Davis

Lindsey Davis is a British historical novelist. She is most famous for her Marcus Didius Falco series, set in First Century Rome, which she started in 1989. Research for an earlier novel about the romance of Emperor Vespasian and his mistress Antonia Caeni piqued her interest in that era. She has been writing about a book a year since she began, and in addition to the Falco series has written a couple of novels set during the English Civil War and her new series featuring Falco's daughter, Flavia Albia. Her website features a list of Civil War Curiosities - "The nursery rhyme ‘Humpty Dumpty’ may refer to a Royalist cannon at the top of a tower at Colchester which was eventually shot down by parliamentary forces" - and her "rants" about piracy, historical errors, book collecting, and more.  Her books are available in several languages and as BBC radio drama productions. Lindsey Davis owns the film rights to all her books, and a film called The Age of Treason was made some years ago ("ostensibly of The Silver Pigs, though who would know?", Davis says on her website). There may be a TV series in the making.

Marcus Didius Falco mystery series  

Marcus Didius Falco is a Roman 'informer', criminal investigator, and reluctant Imperial agent in the age of Emperor Vespasian. There are 20 books in the series, featuring traitors, treason, investigations into intended brides, Druid priestesses, the world of olive oil production, and more. The author says "Each novel is written so it can be read individually, but many people like to read the whole series in order to follow the background plot", so we have started out list below in chronological order.

For a full list of books in the series, visit our NoveList eResource.

Flavia Albia mystery series

Flavia is Falco's adopted daughter, a troubled teen turned plucky widow. The series begins in 89 A.D. - Emperor Vespasian, a jovial figure, has died and his his son Domitian is on the throne, an altogether darker character.

The Ides of April [eAudiobook only in our catalog]

English Civil War 

During the terrible struggle of the English Civil War, two people--Gideon Jukes and Juliana Lovell, who are on opposites sides of the conflict--meet during one of the era's most crucial events, their mutual attraction brings the comfort and companionship for which they both have yearned. But shadows from the past soon threaten their hard-won peace.


A tale inspired by the life of first-century Roman emperor Domitian unites reluctant Praetorian Guard Gaius Vinius and imperial court stylist Flavia Lucilla in the wake of a devastating fire and the emperor's descent into mental illness and brutality.

Ancient Rome's most turbulent period is recreated in this story of the Emperor Vespasian and his mistress, Caenis, a freed slave. As their forbidden romance blossoms, she is embroiled in political intrigue, while he embarks on a glorious career.

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