Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Femme Fatales, Shady Characters, & Crooked Situations-It Must Be Film Noir!

I love summer, because summer brings to Albuquerque the local Film Noir festival at the Guild Cinema-"seven double features to watch in the dark". The festival started last Friday and features classics like Touch of Evil, Naked City, & Sorry, Wrong Number. Another film in the festival lineup, the Coen brothers' Blood Simple, is a good example of modern noir. Some of the other films shown in the series are perhaps lesser known, but you'll find some famous names hiding in the cast list & frequently the lesser known films prove to be diamonds in the rough. The film noir festival is lovingly assembled by Guild staff with the assistance of noir aficionado Peter Conheim, the cinema's former co-owner. Don't miss out on this great Albuquerque tradition!

For a list of film noir books & movies, & other hardboiled topics available from your local library system, try a keyword search in the catalog using the phrase "film noir". I'm even reading a book of poetry that's an homage to the film noir detective story called Black Maria: Being the Adventures of Delilah Redbone & A.K.A. Jones, which is "produced & directed" by Kevin Young.

To access the listings & showtimes for the Seventh Annual Festival of Film Noir, visit the Guild Cinema website.

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