Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Teaching Company

"A lot of people ask me what I’m reading and how I learn about new topics that interest me. I am fortunate to have time to read a lot and I also like to view courses online from MIT’s OpenCourseware, Academic Earth, and others. These courses have ignited a passion of mine, which is to think about how to harness this approach so students who otherwise wouldn’t have access can experience these great courses and learn from these great teachers. One of my favorite sources for great lectures is The Teaching Company. Most of their courses are available as audio downloads and on DVD. I had a chance to meet with The Teaching Company team, and the way they find the very best professors and best courseware is impressive and it shows in the overall quality of the teaching. "
~Bill Gates, from a post on his GatesNotes blog

We were delighted to find that Bill Gates is a fan of The Teaching Company materials, because so are we! You'll find many of The Teaching Company's materials in the library catalog, from Superstring Theory to the Life & Work of Mark Twain; Alexander the Great & the Hellenistic Age to the String Quartets of Beethoven; Nutrition Made Clear to Museum Masterpieces...explore them all! (You can also search under The Great Courses-some of these will be DVDs, some audiobooks.) Each disc usually contains several lectures of about 30 minutes each taught by university professors from around the United States. The Teaching Company materials are geared towards lifetime learners, but may be helpful or of interest to teenagers as well.

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