Monday, July 12, 2010

Serial Readers Unite!

We had a customer come in today & recommend a site caled Fictfact.
From their website:

"You read books in series. You want to keep track of what to read next. You want recommendations on what to read next. You want to know when new books are coming out.

"That's why you need FictFact!FictFact is a tracking site focused on book series. Let us know what books/series you've read and we'll let you know what you need to read next and what's coming out soon. Registration is free, so let us know how you like it, and what series, books & authors we might be missing."

We like to read the books in a series in order, so we think this will be a great tool for us!


Susan said...

Perfect! Exactly what I need to know: which book of a series to read next, or for series I'm caught up on, if a new book is coming out soon. For many years I've used a spreadsheet to keep track. Having the information online will be great. I signed up today, and started entering the series I follow. Thanks librarians for passing on this website info!

Susan said...

FictFact staff is very responsive to feedback. I've used their Contact Us link to suggest new series and correct misspellings or wrong book order in a series. The changes are made right away. I like the website alot. Thanks again abcreads for the reference! Susan