Monday, November 1, 2010

Shhhhhh . . . Libraries at Work

The Bob Edwards Show on Sirius Satellite Radio recently ran a series called "Libraries at Work".

From the site: "In recent years, public libraries have worked hard to shed their reputation for dusty stacks and tight lipped librarians; look no further than the youtube video of librarians dancing to Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” to see that the public library is cutting loose. And as many people are turning to their public library for support during the current recession, using the library internet to apply for jobs, and to check out books, movies, and music, the new laid-back image is well-timed. But just as the recession hit many citizens’ pocket books, libraries are also struggling to keep their doors open for patrons and provide the services people need. To celebrate National Book Month, we will look at the successes and problems of our national library system." Interviewees included current American Library Association president Roberta Stevens, library historian Matthew Battles, & Glennor Shirley, Library Coordinator for the Maryland Correctional Education Libraries.

The Bob Edwards Show airs Monday through Friday 8-9 AM (eastern time) on XM Channel 133 and Sirius Channel 196. Anyone catch any of the series? I'm curious to find out if it was good.

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