Thursday, August 30, 2012

Free eBook Sources Roundup

More and more people are reading eBooks these days, on smart phones, tablets, computers, and dedicated eReaders.  Though the library is a great source for eBooks, there are many more available on the internet for free!

In January, I posted a great list of sources for free eBooks that you can still access here.  Here are some other websites to keep on your radar for yet more free Ebooks. has a daily list of free Kindle books available on  Many of these are publisher promotionals that may only be free for 24 - 48 hours.  You can sign up for a daily email to be notified of the latest additions. has over 70,000 eBooks, with approximately 12,000 free in a variety of formats.  These books are from indie authors and small publishers. is a Christian publishing house that has free eBooks in a variety of formats and a variety of languages including English, Chinese, Korean, Russian, and Spanish among others. is another site with free eBooks from independent authors.  Most books are in PDF format, though EPUB and Kindle formats are being introduced.

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