Friday, August 10, 2012

Lucky 500 - with prizes!

We are celebrating reaching 500 blog posts here at abcreads - yeah!  As part of our celebration, we have prizes for 5 lucky winners. All you have to do is answer, in the comments section of this post, one of these 5 questions!  The lucky winners will be chosen using a random number generator.

1. Which is your favorite ABC Library branch?

2. What is your favorite library memory?

3. What is the last thing you checked out from the library?

4. Have you ever stumped a librarian with a reference question?

5. Have you ever attended a library program - book group, movie, storytime, music event?  If you've attended more than one, which was your favorite?

The fabulous prizes are:

Share your love for the library on the blog to win a prize that will let you keep sharing the love with every swig of coffee you take & every meal you make!


Leah Heath said...

So many cool branches--can't pick just one: Taylor Ranch, Tony Hillerman, Ernie Pyle, Cherry Hills

Favorite library memory: the Harry Potter night at Tony Hillerman was amazing

Last thing checked out: Supercade book from a video game display at Taylor Ranch

Aside from the above-mentioned Harry Potter night, we've attended many cool programs all over the city over the years. Another recent favorite was the Steampunk class at Erna Ferguson--would love to do it again!

Olivia B. said...

My favorite branch is Taylor Ranch!

Sara Pennington said...

Taylor Ranch and Erna Ferguson are my favorite libraries.

iller3257 said...

My favorite library memory is getting my daughter her first library card!

Cassandra Suarez-Hanson said...

My favorite branch is the Tony Hillerman library, as it's always been the closest to my house, despite moving several times.

Jeremiah Henderson said...

1. Ooh that is such a hard one!! I think Taylor Ranch is probably my favorite because I love the location, but I love Tony Hillermann as well because I have a lot of memories there!

leeshka said...

My favorite branch - easily Tony Hillerman. Great staff and we <3 Linda over there. I miss being able to make it to the knitting group!

leeshka said...

We are all about Tony Hillerman in my house. Main Library is pretty cool, too - had a great time down there for the Star Wars event! (sorry if I'm duplicate posting, but my browser is acting up)

abcreads said...

Congratulations to our winners:

Olivia B
Cassandra Suarez-Hanson
Leah Heath

Please send us an email to & let us know at which library you'd like to pick up your prize!