Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Cake Pans @ Your Library

Sometimes you just need a special cake pan. You want to try to make cake pops, or one of your children wants Hello Kitty birthday cake and your other child's soccer team won a big game and wants to celebrate. But maybe you just need a special cake pan just to make one cake and you don't want to buy a special pan.  What can you do?  Go to the library!

Beginning April first, you will find cake pans in the library catalog! Cake pans will check out for 3 weeks.  Customers are limited to 1 cake pan at a time per library card, and you will not be able to check out another "Gizmo" (Kindle Keyboard, Every Child Ready to Read Literacy Kit, Kill-a-Watt) while you have a cake pan checked out.

If you are looking for baking and/or handling tips for your cake pan, the cake pan's record in the library catalog will link to our Cake Pan LibGuide and many of the pan records link to a PDF document with additional baking and decorating ideas. The Cake Pan LibGuide also has a list of available cake pans and a list of helpful links.

Most of the pans are medium gauge aluminum. We do ask that you please wash the cake pan according to handling instructions before returning it to the library.  A damaged item fee of $2 will be charged for cake pans returned dirty. Return your cake pan to the circulation desk of your local library.  Please do not put the cake pan in the book drop.

If you want to share a picture of the cake you made using one of the library's pans, send a picture and we will post it on Facebook!  Email them to library@cabq.gov.

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