Monday, October 20, 2014

Noted: Found Items from Library Books

Lately, we have seen a spate of items returned with Post-Its attached. We often find items returned with opinions - DVDs especially, with their handy attached "report any problem" forms (some people's problems with the DVDs are more in the range of "This movie is really bad" than "This movie doesn't play", as seen in this post from the I Work At A Public Library blog). We thank customers for attaching their opinions and not writing in or on library items!

Should you find a book on the shelf that has been written in (or with other damage), please do bring it to the attention of library staff.  If you want to check it out, we can stamp it "Damage Noted", and there won't be any question upon its return that the item was damaged before you checked it out!

We also find a lot of items left in books when they are returned, including bookmarks, personal mail, library cards, Post-It flags, and other personal treasures. Sometimes we even find original drawings! Don't forget to check inside your book before you turn it in.  Most items found in books, unless they are trash (tissues, etc.), will be put in lost and found temporarily before being discarded.

By the way, we totally agree with whomever wrote this about Nick Hornby!

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