Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Get to Know Your City...Website!

So you think you know Albuquerque? We bet many of you can tell us the best breakfast burrito or your favorite park, or even some our most famous authors.  But have you ever looked at the city's website?  It's a handy compendium of things to do, employment options, transportation info, community and business services, and more! We've cherry-picked a few links you may or may not have seen before, and encourage you to explore the site yourself.
  • Albuquerque Clean Team: The Albuquerque Clean Team (ACT) is a group of individuals keeping their communities clean and safe. Under the direction and support of the City of Albuquerque's Solid Waste Management Department, ACT brings together community groups and individual homeowners who want to take responsibility for creating and maintaining a clean community, and in the process create a better living, working, and playing environment.
  • Quick Facts: Quick facts, demographics, and statistics for Albuquerque and the surrounding metro areas.
  • Online Town Hall: A snapshot of what's going on in the City along with ways you can give input and get involved.  Have something to say? Want to learn more? Join the discussion that’s happening right now around the city.
  • Air Quality in Albuquerque: Air quality (includes indexes for carbon monoxide, fine particulates, and sulfur dioxide), pollen count, OK to burn?  You can sign up for alerts.
  • Rock Climbing Wall: Information about a climbing wall that can be transported to any location in Albuquerque! The use of the climbing wall is for people who want to participate in an introduction to climbing. Users must have at least 25 climbers participating. Users can not charge or profit financially from the use of the climbing wall. The climbing wall is best utilized by schools, youth groups or other learning organizations. All participants must be taller than 43” and under 300 lbs.
  • Bicycling: View an interactive bike map, the Paseo del Bosque bike map, learn about trail etiquette, Tingley Bike Rentals, the Esperanza Community Bike Shop.
  • Tree Information: suggested tree species for planting in Albuquerque; reporting dead trees; contact the City Forester.
  • ABQ Apps: Check out these mobile apps developed for the City of Albuquerque! Includes ABQ Ride, ABQ Parks, ABQ 311, Albuquerque Museum Sculpture Garden Guide, and more. 
Visit the city's website for even more links! You can also check out the Albuquerque A-Z page.  And check out the city on Twitter!

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