Monday, December 29, 2014

New & Novel: Exhibitions

We love to go to art museums. Do you know you can still see Gods and Heroes: Masterpieces from the École des Beaux-Arts,Paris at the Albuquerque Museum until January 4, 2015? Later in 2015, we are looking forward to Killer Heels: The Art of the High-Heeled Shoe! If you like museums too, have you checked out our Museum Discovery Pass Program yet? It ends March 15, 2015, so take advantage of it now!

However, sometimes you don't get out to museums as much as you'd like. You get busy, you don't have the cash, the exhibition you want to see isn't coming to town. One of the coolest things the internet has made available is online museums and virtual tours - you can see a list of some below.  But, also, we have a collection of exhibition catalogues available for checkout in the library catalog! Here are some of our latest acquisitions:

Manuel Carrillo: Mi Querido México by Stuart A. Ashman, curator

Kandinsky: A Retrospective with essays by Angela Lampe and Brady Roberts

Art of the American Frontier: From the Buffalo Bill Center of the West with essays by Stephanie Mayer Heydt, Mindy N. Besaw, Emma I. Hansen

Abelardo Morell: The Universe Next Door by Elizabeth Siegel with Brett Abbott and Paul Martineau

Damage Control: Art and Destruction Since 1950 by Kerry Brougher, Russell Ferguson and Dario Gamboni

Art and Appetite: American Painting, Culture, and Cuisine edited by Judith A. Barter

Everything Loose Will Land: 1970s Art and Architecture in Los Angeles edited by Sylvia Lavin with Kimberli Meyer

Korea: Ein Fotoprojekt = Korea: A Photo Project by Dieter Leistner

Barbara Nessim: An Artful Life edited by David Galloway

Color Rush: American Color Photography from Stieglitz to Sherman by Katherine A. Bussard & Lisa Hostetler

Art and Music in Venice: From the Renaissance to the Baroque edited by Hilliard T. Goldfarb

Brassaï: For the Love of Paris by exhibition curator Agnès de Gouvion Saint-Cyr

Behind Closed Doors: Art in the Spanish American Home, 1492-1898 edited by Richard Ast

The Smithsonian's History of America in 101 Objects by Richard Kurin

Also consider taking a look-see at:

The Great Museums [DVD]

The Barnes Collection [DVD]

Louvre City [DVD]

Herb & Dorothy [DVD]

Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry [DVD]

Marina Abramović: The Artist Is Present [DVD]

Hidden Treasures: What Museums Can't or Won't Show You by Harriet Baskas

The Ideal Museum: An Art Lover's Dream Collection by Phillippe Daverio

Stealing Rembrandts: The Untold Stories of Notorious Art Heists by Anthony M. Amore and Tom Mashberg  

Art is Every Day: Activities For the Home, Park, Museum, and City by Eileen S. Prince [eBook]

Online/Virtual Museums (a random sampling)

The Collection Online - The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Collections Online - Cleveland Museum of Art

Online Tours - Louvre Museum

Browse the Collection Online - Guggenheim Museum

British Museum - Online Tours

Diego Rivera Web Museum

Museum of Computer Art (MOCA)

Virtual Tour: The Frick Collection

Victoria and Albert Museum: Search the Collections

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