Monday, June 27, 2011

International Ingredients

Yum.  I love to try food from other countries.  I'm particularly fond of paella (Spain), sushi (Japan), & ratatouille crêpes (France).  Albuquerque, I find, has a fair amount of international culinary delights.  I like to check out Gil's Thrilling (& Filling) Blog for restaurant reviews, & some of my favorite haunts for shopping include Talin Market, A-Ri-Rang Oriental Market (great Korean lunch counter-closed for the chef's summer vacation until July 15th), & 99B Market.  I used to stop by Fremont's Fine Foods, but right now I think they offer catering & special orders only.

Why am I telling you all this?  Because you have the chance to enjoy the culinary wizardry of local chef Gilda Latzky, who has been teaching a series of cooking classes for adults for our Summer Reading program, "One World, Many Stories". There a still a few spaces to squeeze into for her July offerings, Cooking French (@ Los Griegos Library) & Cooking Chinese Food (@ Juan Tabo Library).  Her sessions are always popular & fun-don't miss out!

If you are interesting in traveling the culinary world from the comfort of your own home, don't forget to check the recipe offerings from the library catalog!  The subject "international cooking" alone brings up 115 items, & you can also search by country.

What are your favorite international cuisines?  Local restaurants serving international food?  Do you have a favorite international cookbook?  I could always use more suggestions...

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