Monday, June 20, 2011

A Library Tour: Cherry Hills Branch

Welcome to Clifford's library.  At least, you'd think it was Clifford's library!  Many kids are asking to see Clifford or "red dog" pretty much as soon as they enter the building.  Clifford is on loan from a generous library employee, but based on his popularity with the junior library customers, hopefully he will never leave!

However, though Clifford is the library mascot, Cherry Hills did not choose to be Bigreddogland for the Summer Reading program, instead going by the name "Cherrytopia" on your Summer Reading passport.   The branch has traditionally embraced fruit-related elements in their decor, & good friend & sometimes employee Alysa DeMella created the beautiful flag (from the Teen Advisory Board's design) & the "Cherrytopians" graphic. 

Cherry Hills Library  is located at 6901 Barstow NE, located at the corner of Harper Road and Barstow Street, one block east of the intersection of Harper Road and Wyoming Boulevard. It's a brick building with a green roof! The library is adjacent to the Del Norte Shopping Center whose tenants include McDonald's and Walgreens-for directions by car or bus, visit the ABC Libraries' website. The library has 18 public computers including 2 express and 2 children's. Cherry Hills also offers many of the standard amenities of the ABC Libraries' branches: fax service; voter registration forms, None for the Road DVDs, & bus schedules are all available, but the branch does not have a magazine swap. Cherry Hills does have a community room & 2 study rooms for public use.

What delights await you when you choose Cherrytopia for your summer fun destination?  Cherry Hills is one of three branches (the other two are Erna Fergusson & Taylor Ranch) that are open 7 days a week.  After you enter its portals, once you find the book return (to your right, under the big red flag-customers always miss this!), you can sit out the summer heat in comfortable chairs or study in carrels.  Browse an array of displays, including one devoted to Staff Picks & one dedicated to mysteries-this month, it's Female Sleuths!  The display case changes out monthly-during Summer Reading, however, you'll be able to ogle the prizes you could win instead.  Make sure to check out the Turkmen books in the International Collection & feel like a real world traveler! If you are the kind of person who doesn't like to ask questions at the Information Desk, there is a library map to help you navigate the branch.

The great nation of Cherrytopia is taking its Summer Reading responsibilities very seriously.  All visitors are encouraged to stop by the Travel Agency, where one of the charming teen volunteers will sign them up for the program & distribute weekly prizes. (Make sure you check out the national costume of Cherrytopia, on display!) The Bureau of Internal Affairs is here to make sure your library checkout goes smoothly, so if you have any difficulties with the 3 self-checks or need to renew your card, the folks at the Bureau will be happy to help.  Also, the Cherrytopia Tourist Board will be your cruise directors-need help on the computer?  Can't find the book on the shelf? Need assistance placing a hold?  These local experts will keep your library experience flowing smoothly.  Just don't ask them to dance the national dance of Cherrytopia, the Cherry Cha Cha-it's only done on important ceremonial occasions.

The Cherry Hills children's area (or "Reading Realm National Park") is the hub of Summer Reading activities at the branch, where there will be fun programs for kids, tweens, & teens.  There is Introduction to Mandarin Chinese,  Teen Tuesdays (next week is Origami!), monthly first Saturday Chess Club, Star Wars Crafts, Preschool Art: Bubbles, and more!

But don't worry, adults, you haven't been completely left out!  Stop by the event tower (above) & pick up a flier or visit the Cherry Hills webpage for news on An Itch to Stitch, the library stitch group; the branch's 2 book groups; computer classes...the list just keeps going on!  The library's webpage will tell you what's on display at the branch each month  (with printable booklists) & also features Staff Picks & a gallery of photos taken at some recent events.

Make sure you check the "For Teens" page of the website weekly to find out more of Cherrytopia's customs & symbols!  The teens came up with our beloved national anthem, with a little help from How to Build Your Own Country by Valerie Wyatt.

While you're in the area...
Cherry Hills is a pretty new part of town (the library was built in the late '90s), but that doesn't mean there's nothing to do around here!  Check out the Heritage Hills Park- it has playgrounds, sports fields, benches, & "tremendous views of the volcanoes, Mount Taylor and the Sandia Mountains". If you want to get some exercise while in the area, the paved loop around the Albuquerque Academy runs along Academy/Ventura/Harper/Wyoming and is approximately a mile on each side-this friendly trail is very popular with walkers & runners. Are you a fellow yarn addict?  Make a stop at Village Wools a priority. You can also get your food shopping done-the library is between Whole Foods & Trader Joe's-& there's ample shopping (Target, Kohl's) & eating (Five Guys Burgers, anyone?) opportunities on Paseo between Barstow & I25. A little further down the road, stop for great baked treats at Just A Bite.  This area is always growing. One of the library's newest neighbors, North Domingo Baca Multigenerational Center, features a computer cafe, community rooms, fitness room, classrooms, and meals.

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