Saturday, February 18, 2017

Be Our Valentine, Jennifer Weiner

New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Weiner has released her memoir Hungry Heart: Adventures In Life, Love, and Writing and it's a warm, touching, funny, and insightful book that makes you wish she was your best friend in real life. However, you can maintain appropriate boundaries and follow Jennifer on her priceless Twitter account instead and enjoy her tweets of wisdom and obsession with the ABC reality show The Bachelor.

Hungry Heart is part memoir, part essays, and all heart when it comes to her generous sharing of life lessons about being a writer, mother, wife, and dog lover. She courageously confronts painful memories of being a nerdy outsider as a child, her parent's divorce, and her father's descent into mental illness and addiction. Weiner takes her family along for the ride, including her mom, sister, and beloved Nanna having to deal with the mean girls in the retirement home. Every chapter contains sparks of wisdom, humor, and forgiveness, along with deep inner strength that comes from resolving to accept oneself and strive for independence.

Weiner's feminist perspectives on weight and beauty are liberating and made me feel like pursuing self-care instead of self-condemnation. Her letter to her daughters about being more than our looks should be required reading for preteens. She doesn't give the publishing industry  a break when it comes to inequality and misogyny either. Her squabble with the insufferable writer Jonathan Franzen who dissed Oprah and her popular book club several years ago was blatant disrespect and a reason why Oprah went through a spell of only promoting dead writers, because they were far less troublesome and ungrateful.

Jennifer Weiner is more that Oprah sticker worthy, so read her fabulous canon of chick lit that deserves some respect!

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