Thursday, April 20, 2017

Movie Remakes: Stephen King Edition

Movie studios love to remake movies. Whether it's a live action version of a Disney movie or a reboot of a horror film, there are plenty of remakes to choose from. Today, I'm focusing Stephen King movies.

Stephen King was so disappointed in Stanley Kubrick's version of The Shining that he remade the movie himself. The remake follows the novel much more closely than Kubrick's version. One of my colleagues and I agree that Kubrick's version is better. As my colleague mentioned, Stephen King's version is instantly forgettable.

Carrie has been remade twice since the original movie came out in 1976. One of the remakes was for TV. TV movie aside, the 2014 remake was a disappointment, mainly because the ending was changed and doesn't follow the book, or the original movie, at all. It's also hard for anyone to fill Sissy Spacek's and Laurie Piper's shoes in the roles of Carrie and Margaret White.

I never watched the entire TV version of Carrie, but I know the ending was changed, too, and for that reason alone, I was disappointed in that remake.

I've only seen bits and pieces of the Children of the Corn remake, so I can't say which version I prefer. I'm not a huge fan of gore, though, so I suspect that I would like the original movie better than the remake.

The latest Stephen King remake won't be out until September. I imagine it will be hard for anyone to play Pennywise as well as Tim Curry did. So far, it seems like the remake might deviate from the original IT, and maybe also from the book, if photos from the film are any indication. I hope the remake will be good, but I'm trying not to set my expectations too high.

What are your thoughts about Stephen King movie remakes? Let us know in the comments!

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Anonymous said...

I've never watched any of King's movies so this post has been enlightening. I'm currently reading The Stand right now and enjoying it. Kind of new to King's books. For years I've only been reading Dean Koontz. --Keishon