Saturday, April 9, 2016

April is National Sexual Assault Awareness Month

April is National Sexual Assault Awareness Month. I just happened to be reading a young adult novel that deals with this topic during the past week, and the NPR did a piece on April 1 about the benefits young adult fiction can have when parents talk to their teens about sexual consent. The article mentioned some great titles, like Laurie Halse Anderson's Speak and John Green's The Fault in Our Stars, but I thought I'd provide a more complete list of novels that deal with sexual assault and abuse here*.

For further reading, also check out the Teen Librarian Toolbox's Sexual Violence in Young Adult Literature (SVYALit) Project--it includes a wealth of information, including statistics and essential information about sexual assault, discussion posts, book reviews, and booklists.

Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson
Some Boys by Patty Blount
Leverage by Joshua C. Cohen
Just Listen by Sarah Dessen
Panic by Sharon Draper
Every Last Promise by Kristin Halbrook
What We Saw by Aaron Hartzler
Exit, Pursued by a Bear by E.K. Johnston
The Gospel of Winter by Brendan Kiely
The First Time She Drowned by Kerry Kletter
Charm & Strange by Stephanie Kuehn
Boy Toy by Barry Lyga
Inexcusable by Chris Lynch
The Word for Yes by Clarie Needal
Live Through This by Mindi Scott
The Way I Used to Be by Amber Smith
Faking Normal by Courtney C. Stevens
All the Rage by Courtney Summers
Some Girls Are by Courtney Summers
All We Left Behind by Ingrid Sundberg
The Mockingbirds by Daisy Whitney

*Many YA books also deal with topics such as abusive relationships, and while these may fall under the category of books about sexual assault, they are not the books I wanted to emphasize in this post.

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