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New Year, New You: Personal Finance

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It's that time of year--the season when we reflect on the last 12 months and make resolutions to better ourselves in the new year. But whether you're taking on a new fitness routine, a more positive outlook, or a commitment to strengthening your finances, the key to success is baby steps. Incremental change makes a large goal more manageable.
~Jonathan Sparling, "5 Easy-to-Achieve Personal Finance Resolutions for the New Year"

Personal finance is a big concern for everyone these days. Whether you want to buy a house, save to travel or for some other big goal, learn about investing, or you are about to retire, it can be helpful to learn the ropes before you get started. The library catalog has many books that can help you wrangle with your personal finances if you are an adult; also, learning about money can start in childhood, and it's good to start sound financial planning at a young age - and the library has some reads for you and your offspring on that topic as well.

You probably already know the big names in personal finance - Suze Orman, Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad, Poor Dad fame, Dave Ramsey, Ric Edelman, Tony Robbins. So, our booklist below concentrates on some newer library acquisitions that might serve as useful coaching tools for you to gain control of your financial future.

Personal Finance for Adults

The Thin Green Line: The Money Secrets of the Super Wealthy by Paul Sullivan

The One-Page Financial Plan: A Simple Way to Be Smart About Your Money by Carl Richards 

Living a Beautiful Life On Less: The Blissful and Domestic Guide to Food, Fun, and Finances by Danielle Wagasky 

Picture Your Prosperity: Smart Money Moves to Turn Your Vision Into Reality by Ellen Rogin, CPA, CFP & Lisa Kueng

The Decade Series by Peter Dunn

Personal Finance  for Youth 

Show Me the Money by Alvin Hall

Real World Math: Personal Finance

Living on a Budget

Saving For the Future 

Smart Shopping

Giving Back

Blastoff Readers: Money Matters

Saving Money

Spending Money

Talking to Your Children About Money

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