Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Dogist

My newest favorite book does not contain many words, but it is so great that it doesn't need to!  It is a coffee table style book of dog photographs.  Called The Dogist, it is The Sartorialist - a popular street fashion photography blog - for dogs.  Being a dog lover who cannot enjoy them because of allergies, I'm not sure whether the 1,000 photos in this delightful book make me happier or more heartsick.  Either way, this book is a good thing.  Adorable and fun are always a good thing.  And even if you aren't obsessed with dogs, don't they make you smile?  They are so care-free and so happy to just give affection no matter what - and if you'll forgive the corniness, I'll be darned if that doesn't come across in these photos.  

The dogs' name, breed and sometimes their age are listed next to their photo, along with occasional tidbits and funny captions.  This is how I learned that service dogs frequently have a "street name" that is different from their real name so that they can still be introduced to anyone who asks without being distracted while they do their job.  My favorite sections were entitled: Costumes, Doodles, Sassy, Snow, and of course, the many Puppies selections.  To sum it up, s
ome coffee table types of dog books are a bit too sappy for me, but The Dogist is really not.  It's fun, funny, and fascinating.  If you check it out, let me know what you think!

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