Thursday, January 5, 2017

Brand New, You're Retro

It's a new year, but how much have you changed since December 31st, really? Rather than espousing a new you for the new year, how about a trip down memory lane? Remembering where we come from (and, in some cases, breathing a sigh of relief that we are no longer there)? With all the trends in fashion and culture that come back around, you'll be on the cutting edge, if not today, then soon. Why not go retro for 2017?

Here's a list of items from the library catalog that will help you talk that retro talk, embrace vintage styles in hair, fashion, and more (and in some cases, create your own versions), eat like it's 1969, and even get ready to celebrate the December holidays in complete denial that it's 2017.

Retro Mania!: 60 Hip Handmade Cards, Scrapbook Pages, Gifts & More! by by Judi Watanabe, Alison Eads & Laurie Dewberry [eBook]

Vintage Hairstyles: Simple Steps For Retro Hair With a Modern Twist by Emma Sundh, Sarah Wing  

Style Me Vintage: Step-By-Step Retro Look Book by Naomi Thompson, Belinda Hay, and Katie Reynolds 


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